We offer superior shutters to you to give your windows that period feel. Plantation shutters are a popular style, and can give your room light control as well as a distinct character.

If you like original wood, we have a range of natural wood, light, easy to paint if you ever want a change of colour, with rich texture. Nothing like the natural grain to give your shutters that authentic feel.

We also offer shutters in MDF: composite shutters preserving the wooden look, and extremely durable and easy to maintain. These are slightly heavier than wood, so they’re better suited to smaller windows.

PVC shutters give your room a more modern feel, while retaining the elegance of the classic style. These are cost-effective and are better suited to wet conditions.

Whatever your choice, don’t hesitate to ask us for clarifications and tips. Whatever your query, we are fully-equipped to help you out and guide you.

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